Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

With support, time and financial help, corporate partnerships help RAFT to do so much more.  We are committed to forging dedicated and bespoke partnerships with companies who share our goals and ambitions, ethics and vision.  Your business can make a real difference to RAFT and the patients we support through research. There are a number of ways that you can support us – here are just a few:


Adopt RAFT as your Charity of the Year

Making RAFT your charity of the year is not only a fantastic way to support our research but will help increase employee engagement, motivation and staff retention too!

There are loads of ways your staff can raise funds for RAFT from challenge events, such as marathons, triathlons or parachute jumps. We even have two volunteers driving across South America off-road in 2017! Whatever you want to do, we will give your company and staff all the support they need.

Corporate sponsorship

Each year we hold a number of events that attract senior business people from across a range of sectors. Events such as the RAFT Clay Shoot are not only fun they are a great way to support the charity and network with your colleagues and business associates.

A productive partnership

Cause-related marketing is where you give a percentage of the profits from a particular product or service to RAFT or one of our campaigns. This provides us with much-needed financial support and raises awareness amongst your customers.

But donating a percentage of a product’s purchase price has more than just a feel-good-factor, it has tremendous benefits for your company too – research has shown that 91% of consumers will switch brands* to one that supports a good cause if it is a similar price and quality. So it’s a great way to support RAFT while boosting your bottom line. As well as increasing sales, cause-related marketing can generate positive media coverage, increase staff and customer engagement and enhance positive brand association.

* Cone Communications/Ebiquity’s 2015 Global CSR Study

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It’s A Match!

If you don’t want to undertake any fundraising as an organisation but are keen to support RAFT, match-funding any fundraising activities undertaken by your staff is a great way of recognising their efforts and showing your support for their chosen charity.