Research Strategy and Regulation

Research Strategy and Regulation

RAFT’s vision is to bring forward the day when every patient who suffers a wound or severe tissue trauma regains their full quality of life.


Research Strategy

As a medical research charity that undertakes its own medical research, it is important that we focus our resources where they are needed most. We therefore assess all our research programmes against the following criteria:

Unmet clinical need:

All our research is based around a clearly identifiable patient need. Our Scientific Advisory Committee scrutinises all of our research projects to ensure that the need exists.

Scientific excellence:

We ensure that our research stands up to scrutiny from the wider scientific community and submit our work for publication in scientific journals and present at conferences.


Whether we are developing new techniques or using the latest technology, RAFT aims to be at the forefront of cutting edge research.


As well as drawing on our in-house expertise, we collaborate with partner scientists and organisations around the globe to develop the very best medical research.


We aim to translate our research into medical practices that bring clear benefits to patients as quickly as possible.

To find out more, read our Research Strategy.



RAFT is a member of the AMRC and has recently successfully completed their peer review audit.

RAFT endorses the AMRC statement on the use of animals in research

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