About RAFT: The Medical Research Charity

About RAFT: The Medical Research Charity


RAFT: Changing the face of healthcare for over 30 years

Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust (RAFT) is an internationally recognised medical research charity working in the field of tissue and bone regeneration. The charity is a world-leader in creating pioneering new treatments for patients affected by wounds, burns, disease, or post-operative or birth abnormalities. RAFT’s vision is to bring forward the day when every patient who survives severe tissue trauma fully regains quality of life as well.

For more than three decades RAFT has been undertaking ground-breaking medical research to help patients regain their health, independence and self-esteem as quickly as possible after a trauma. This research has changed the face of healthcare the world over. RAFT’s work has saved lives, improved treatments and recovery times, influenced healthcare policies globally, and changed laws. Today more than 100 of RAFT’s projects are in regular use in hospitals and clinics around the world.

RAFT receives no Government funding and relies on donations and grants from individuals, grant-making trusts and companies. The team is working to raise £5 million over the next two years to allow the organisation to reach even more patients, even more quickly, continuing to develop inter-disciplinary, pioneering new techniques and treatments. RAFT prides itself on being forward thinking not only in its scientific work but also in fostering impact investment.



How We Spend Your Money

RAFT is a registered charity and receives no Government funding. Our pioneering research therefore relies on the generous financial support of a wide range of individuals and organisations.

More than 70p of every £1 donated goes towards research and each year, we invest just under £1 million in to our five research projects which will give people back their …

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RAFT brings together many different people, from a variety of different backgrounds with different experiences and skills – but whether they are scientists, fundraisers, trustees or advisors, they all have one thing in common – they want to change patients’ lives for the better!

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RAFT History

Our history

RAFT was established by plastic surgeons who were dismayed at how long it took for scientific innovations to filter through to patients.  Working with burns patients, they believed there was so much more that could be done and so, decided to invest their own money to change the situation.

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Vision, mission & values

Our Vision:

Every patient who suffers a wound or major tissue trauma regains their quality of life…

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