Wounds Without Scars

Wounds Without Scars

We are working to improve the treatment of ‘hard to heal’ chronic wounds such as leg ulcers and severe wounds. 



In the UK every year an estimated 200,000 people are diagnosed with chronic non-healing wounds.
An ageing population and the increase in the incidence of diabetes means that the number of people affected in this country and globally is set to increase dramatically over the next 10 years.

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“When my father was dying, his best friend couldn’t travel to say his final goodbyes because a leg ulcer had rendered him bedbound. Both men were heart broken. This is a cause very close to my heart.”

Leonor Stjepic, RAFT CEO

Current treatments are not effective on all wounds

Currently, the most effective treatment for chronic wounds is called negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), which helps to remove bacterial infection and reduce inflammation, thus promoting healing at the affected site.   However, NPWT treatment doesn’t fully regenerate the wound and is not effective on all types of wound.


Our research

RAFT’s recent research has led to the development Smart Matrix’, an innovative tissue regenerating scaffold which is set to transform the treatment of burns or wounds for patients around the world.  ‘Smart Matrix’ has already undergone a small clinical trial in surgical wounds and the results are spectacular.   However, further research is needed to make it more robust for more complex wounds such as leg ulcers.  RAFT scientists are working to modify and strengthen Smart Matrix so that it can be placed below the skin, helping deep wounds to heal and speeding up the patient’s recovery rate.

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Help us to heal wounds without scars!

For people across the UK and indeed around the world, a diabetic leg ulcer or pressure sore can lead to a lifetime of pain, lack of mobility, isolation and even amputation.

Our research will strengthen Smart Matrix® so it is robust enough to be used in complex wounds such as diabetic leg ulcers. This will translate into better treatment and better healing outcomes for patients worldwide.


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