Reconstructing lives with reconstructive surgery

It is almost impossible to turn on the TV these days without finding a programme on plastic surgery.  Breast enlargement and reduction are often featured and it seems that everyone from celebrities to the woman on the street are considering some form of breast surgery. Losing a breast is to cancer, however, is a devastating […]

Looking forward to 2016

The new year is always a time to look forwards and wonder what the year will bring.  The truth is that for all our planning, life always has a way of surprising us – or, at least, my life has!  I knew that in 2015 I would continue to meet some amazing people who have […]

Nobody’s perfect

One of my favourite comedy films is the ‘Some like it hot’. In the very last scene, Jack Lemmon’s character – Jerry – who has been masquerading as a woman to escape some 1920s gangsters, is explaining to Joe E Brown character -Osgood Fielding III – why he can’t marry him. As each excuse is […]

Letting go

I was reading an article in Management Today entitled “How to be a better boss”. As a boss, I am constantly striving to be the best boss I can be and am always learning from others. According to Management Today, one of the hallmarks of a good manager is the capacity to let go – to […]


For those of you old enough to remember the 1985 film – The Jewel of the Nile – you may remember the film’s theme song “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” which became a number 1 hit for singer, Billy Ocean Interestingly whilst the film has probably been forgotten or is unknown […]