Chairmans Statement

Over thirty years ago, in 1988, our founders set up RAFT as a centre of excellence for scientific research in reconstructive medicine, but we all know that, to fulfil our aim of ultimate benefit to patients, we need to translate our scientific findings into products and procedures that are approved by the competent medical regulatory bodies and can find their way into everydays’ medical practices. Our job now is to enable this next process.
Better to achieve this objective, in December 2021 the Trustees, fully aware that the skills needed to bring technologies to the market are different from those needed to create those technologies in the first place, decided that our charitable objectives were best served by transferring our patents and know-how to The Griffin Institute, a highly regarded and likeminded charity, for them to progress this next phase of bringing research to patients. This transfer of assets took place in March 2022, and our work at RAFT is now mostly accomplished.
Therefore, in accordance with our Trust document and applicable charity legislation, we will apply to the Charity Commission to dissolve the Charity. We are confident that this can be achieved in an orderly fashion and we expect to be able to meet all our liabilities in this final stage. Any remaining cash will be donated to the Griffin Institute to be used to further research in regenerative medicine.
Throughout its illustrious past RAFT has achieved some incredible milestones and I am immensely proud to have played a small part in building this unique legacy. None of this could have been achieved without the unique combination of amazingly talented and dedicated staff (both scientific and support), together with the unbound generosity of our donors. The quality of our science and the kindness of our friends enabled RAFT to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life for so many patients.
My heartfelt thanks go out to all those who have supported us either by their generous funding or help in other ways, whether large foundations or individuals. Collectively, we can all look back with pride.

Dr Niccolò Caderni
June 2022