Historical achievements

For over 30 years, scientists at RAFT developed novel and innovative approaches to problem solving, using science and imagination to change lives.

  • Built the world’s first floating bed, supporting patients in the air to treat those with burn and pressure sores
  • Used plaster casts of celebrity bottoms to develop the world’s first mattress dummy
  • conducted the world’s first trials of insulin as an anti-scarring agent
  • discovered a new blood vessel in the human body
  • investigated the use of green tea, honey, and sugar for wound healing
  • scientifically proved that caffeine and microsurgery dont mix
  • pioneered the use of a ruby laser to remove hair for non-cosmetic procedures
  • identified the optimum way to apply sun cream to maximise protection
  • established the potential for the c-Myc gene as a predictor for cancer
  • created new methods for attaching leeches to surgical wounds