Looking to the future

In 2021 we completed the research stages of our long-standing project on breast tissue reconstruction and saw significant advances in our other projects, all reaching milestone stages.

The Trustees then took the decision that the science, and the RAFT charitable objectives, were best served by passing on the achievements to date to others better placed to get this research to the patients.

Accordingly, the Breast and Bone programmes were transferred to The Griffin Institute in March 2022, and the bulk of other RAFT legacy assets and know-how later in the year including remaining cash balances.  Two programmes developed in conjunction with UCL will continue to be promoted by them.

The Griffin Institute is a like minded charity with similar charitable objectives to RAFT and has been our collaboration partner for a number of years on a variety of projects, particularly recently the breast and keloid programmes. We are confident that they will uphold our common values. All funds and assets passed across to them are restricted and to be used purely for the purposes of regenerative medicine.

RAFT as a charity will no longer exist and an application will be made to remove it from the Charity Commission register, once all administrative processes have been completed.

We are very proud of our past and are confident that more is still to come from the science and research that we have passed on.