About RAFT

RAFT was founded in 1988, originally concentrating on plastic surgery working in conjunction with the specialist unit at Mount Vernon Hospital but as time has progressed has opened up into the wider field of regenerative medicine.  During that time the work of the researchers has brought them into contact with hovercraft, celebrity bottoms, leeches, sun creams and axolotl’s.  

The most recent research has developed processes that could significantly change the post mastectomy breast replacement as well as bone replacement techniques that have ground-breaking potential in orthopaedic and dental applications. However, in late 2021 the Trustees felt that RAFT had taken the research as far as they could as a small medical research unit. It was appropriate to hand this on to others who could develop it further and achieve the best charitable outcome, translating the research into patient benefit. There is still a long way to go but the process has begun.  

Throughout its history, surgeons, scientists and researchers have worked together at RAFT to tackle some of the biggest challenges in medical science. This would not have been possible without the contributions, large and small from the many donors and fundraisers who have supported RAFT over nearly 35 years. This includes one family of three generations of runners, who have run almost 50 London marathons raising almost £100,000 for RAFT.   

The final Board of Trustees would like to thank each and every one of the donors and fundraisers. Over the years, together with the amazing scientists, clinicians and support staff they have helped RAFT to produce a wide range of successful research and innovation in medical science. Much of this work has led to changes in our day-to-day life and benefitted patients on a worldwide basis