Lasting Life and True Love

A true love story

Last weekend was Valentine’s Day. For most people it is a day symbolised by red roses, chocolate and going out for dates. At RAFT it was a chance to celebrate a true love story; one that has inspired all of us.
A few months ago, I was privileged enough to meet the beautiful and talented international actress, Susan George. She invited me to her stunning stud farm where she breeds champion Arabian stallions to discuss a subject close to her heart; how to use the name and memory of her beloved husband to make a real impact in the future.
This resulted in the launch, on Valentines Day, of the “Lasting Life, the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy” under the umbrella of RAFT, to raise funds for cancer, specific needs and for RAFT.
For the public, Simon MacCorkindale was a talented actor, director and producer whose on-screen presence made him a star of both film and TV. For his wife, he was a soul mate and on the website ( ), Susan has written about her husband in such a moving and emotional way that I defy anyone to read it and not be moved to tears. If you want to see an example of true love, I would urge you to read that page.
The logo of the “Lasting Life, the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy” is of pebbles piled up into a column. Susan chose that because, in her own words “The words on the home page of the website along side a photograph of pebbles on a beach each one holding up another, are a symbol of and what is needed in crisis times and what Simon would wish me to do in his name.”
By creating something so amazing from her tragic loss, Susan George has given us an example of how love survives no matter what and has shown that there can be no more powerful symbol of love than creating a legacy for those we have lost. Now that’s true love.