Life After Breast Cancer

Life After Breast Cancer

We are raising funds to introduce new innovative breast reconstruction surgery techniques within the next two years so women can put cancer and its treatment behind them and focus on the future.


An estimated 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK.

In 2015, over 230,000 women in the US were diagnosed with breast cancer.
40% of women suffer from depression post mastectomy.

“The breast reconstruction failure has left me feeling insecure. I look in the mirror and I’m missing a breast. There’s really no way to describe how that feels.”


Most Women Do Not Choose Reconstructive Surgery

Current treatment for breast reconstruction can be very unreliable, often leading to multiple operations which do not always achieve the desired result. The surgical outcome is one reason why fewer than 50% of women who have a mastectomy go on to have reconstructive surgery.

Our Research

We are funding a programme of research that will mean women:

  • Spend less time in hospital
  • Experience less pain and discomfort
  • Need fewer operations
  • Experience less scarring and numbness
  • Have a vastly reduced risk of tissue rejection
  • Have a better cosmetic result

To learn more about this research programme please click here.

Maria’s story

When Maria opted for an immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy, she thought she would be able to put the trauma of breast cancer behind her. Unfortunately, what should have been a routine procedure left a lasting legacy after her body rejected the new breast tissue.

Maria was 50 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time and admits that her biggest fear was that she wouldn’t see her son (then 15), grow up. Taking her long family history of cancer into account, Maria’s surgeon recommended a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Unfortunately the reconstruction was not successful which meant  she had to endure multiple operations leaving her exhausted, scarred and demoralised.

She had survived cancer but like so many women that have had a mastectomy suffered depression which had an impact on her family life and work. Today Maria is much stronger but she doesn’t want to be reminded of her cancer every time she looks in the mirror. She is still awaiting for improved breast reconstruction to be available and is hugely encouraged by the research RAFT is carrying out.




Help raise £600,000 to fund research at RAFT that will deliver more reliable breast reconstruction procedures to patients.

RAFT’s scientists are close to a breakthrough that will transform breast reconstruction surgery for women worldwide. Our supporters have raised £170,000 so far and we need a further £590,000 to fund this project over the next two years.

Your donation will help fund this vital research which is so close to a positive outcome.



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