Life After Breast Cancer Fund

Smiling women wearing pink for breast cancer awareness on white background
Medical research charity RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust) has launched the Life After Breast Cancer Fund to finance pioneering research into breast reconstruction, with the aim of vastly improving outcomes for women post-mastectomy.
Currently £352m a year is spent on researching better ways of treating and preventing breast cancer, but with 82% of women now recovering from the disease, more can and needs to be done to help women regain their quality of life after treatment.
A significantly small proportion of women who have undergone mastectomies go on to have breast reconstruction surgery because it is traumatic, often requiring multiple operations and with unpredictable results. Yet breast reconstruction is an important step in regaining dignity and quality of life. With 40% of women* currently suffering from depression post mastectomy, RAFT believes it is vital for major improvements to be made in reconstructive surgery techniques, to help women rebuild their lives post-cancer.
RAFT aims to raise £2 million over three years with which to fund this research and carry out clinical trials. It will focus exclusively on two areas of breast reconstruction without the use of synthetic implants: free flap and fat grafting reconstruction. Improvements in techniques as a result of the research will mean less time spent in hospital by patients, fewer operations, reduced scarring and a far lower risk of tissue rejection.
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