London Marathon 2022

We have a number of runners entering into the London Marathon on 2nd October this year. We are incredibly grateful to all of them and their support for RAFT and Regenerative Medicine. The RAFT Institute is in the process of winding down, but we will be using funds generated from the Marathon to support our Breast and Bone programmes, and other regenerative medical research at the Griffin Institute, a likeminded charity with similar objectives. All funds raised are to be used to support our common charitable aims. There will also be some runners who came to us through the Griffin Institute.  

RAFT has a long history of being supported by the running community, especially for the London Marathon. The Jenkins family, comprising three generations of runners, have between them run 50 London Marathons and raised £100,000.

No matter how much each runner has or will raise we applaud their efforts and the work and training that goes into being part of one of the best marathons in the world.

To all those running this year, thank you, and enjoy the amazing occasion whether it is your first or twenty third time.