Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision:


To ensure every patient who suffers a wound or major tissue trauma regains their quality of life.

Our mission:


To undertake ground breaking medical research into tissue and bone reconstruction so that patients can regain their quality of life, independence and dignity enabling them to rebuild their lives after major trauma, serious wounds or burns, disease or birth defects.


Our values:



We work hard to achieve a common cause regardless of our role in the organisation. We are cohesive in how we approach problems and are concerted and co-ordinated in our efforts.


As a small charity with big aims, we endeavour to be adaptable. We are resilient, able to overcome challenges and open to persuasion, always willing to consider new ideas. And we are ‘fleet of foot’ changing pace and direction whenever required in order to meet our goals most effectively.


It is essential that we are professional in everything we do. We are considered in our approach and considerate in our communication with our supporters and partners, treating everyone with respect. Setting goals ensure all our work, whether it be research or fundraising based, is focused and ensures that we are objective in our decisions. We strive to be efficient, skillful and proficient and to represent RAFT to the best of our ability at all times.

Entrepreneurial approach and commercial edge

As a charity we look to the corporate sector to model our organisation. We are creative in our approach to tasks. We have a commercial awareness so that our research can be brought to patients, helping to fund the charity in the future. We are challenging and open minded and we invest to gain through knowledge.  We also care about the environment and discourage waste.


Innovation is so often a word that is overused, with little substance behind it. At RAFT we have a long history of innovation and have changed healthcare significantly. We therefore aim to continue this by being contemporary in our thinking. We aim to be cutting-edge in what we do: we are aware of new technology and the benefits it could bring to patients. Early adoption of new ideas and technology is important and we work hard not to be fearful of new ideas or change.