RAFT begins research into new treatments for pathological scarring

This month, RAFT began work on developing new treatments for keloid scars, which occur in genetically susceptible people.
Keloids appear after damage to the skin, when a wounded site forms a persistent scar which aggressively outgrows the original boundaries of the wound, invading surrounding skin.
Although not life threatening, keloid scars are unsightly and can cause pain, itching and reduced quality of life for sufferers.
Current treatments can help manage the growth and appearance of the keloid, but curing the it by complete removal is difficult since keloids are notoriously recurrent; often growing back worse than before.
RAFT has begun the development of a novel treatment, designed to specifically reduce the chance of recurrence, which would allow earlier medical intervention in keloids.
This would improve the chances of a complete cure, and the quality of life of sufferers of this unpleasant disease.