RAFT is looking for new Trustees

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee of RAFT then please read the information below, which also includes a link to an information pack.
Who we are
RAFT is an award-winning medical research charity with an outstanding track record over 30 years of quickly delivering benefits to patients. Our aim is to ensure that these achievements are developed over the next 30 years so that every patient who suffers a wound or major tissue trauma regains their quality of life, independence and dignity. To do this we undertake innovative ground-breaking medical research into tissue and bone reconstruction, using cutting edge techniques to achieve transformative results.

Trustees – how could you help?
We are a diverse group of people including scientists, laboratory staff, fundraisers, executives and volunteers and we rely on Trustees to contribute their expertise and insight to both challenge and guide the thinking of the Charity. Key words here are: guidance, support, direction and monitoring progress.
We need to recruit and appoint a number of Trustees with broad based business skills, solid commercial background and an understanding of the role of sound governance.

Rewards and motivation
Trustees are not paid but are rewarded through knowing they are helping to make a real difference to the lives of future patients who have suffered skin and wound trauma.
This might be a way of “giving back” for support you or those close to you have experienced personally or because you have broad ranging skills that you think could help RAFT to develop its success and make a contribution.
If you become a Trustee you will probably also develop your own skills by meeting new people who are like minded, keen to contribute to society and who operate at very senior levels of the medical profession, business, academia and science.

We know that applying to become a Trustee can be a big step so we have put together some information for you to see if you would like to take things further.
Click here for the Trustee Information Pack which also has a useful link to the Charity Commission guidance that can give you a sense of the role of a Trustee.
Once you have read this information, if you think you might like to take things further, please write us a brief email or letter and CV/career summary explaining why you would like to be considered for one of the Trustee roles. This letter should reach us no later than 27 April 2018 and we will let you know soon afterwards how we might like to take things forward.

Smiling people depicted holding signs with text about the opportunities to be gained from becoming a trustee