RAFT Runners

RAFT and the Virgin Money Marathon

The London Marathon is the largest annual fundraising event on the planet – runners have raised over £700 million for good causes since the race began in 1981. Participants have a chance to take part and run 42km through the streets of Central London together with thousands of other runners. London Marathon is an excellent experience and an incredible atmosphere.
Robert Jenkins has been a long-time supporter of RAFT, and in 2016, he signed up for his 19th marathon to raise money for the charity. Robert was introduced to RAFT in 1993 for the only reason that RAFT had marathon spaces available for him and his dad. After securing their spaces, Robert became interested in the work that RAFT was undertaking and so started to attend events hosted by the charity, aimed at increasing awareness and raising funds. Robert was fascinated and inspired by the work that RAFT was undertaking and thought…

If you’re going to put your body through that sort of pain [Virgin Money London Marathon] it should be for a good cause… and this one is!– Robert Jenkins, Senior.

Having the ongoing support of Robert for almost 20 years, the RAFT team is always delighted to know that each year Robert will take part in the Virgin Money London Marathon. Roberts support has inspired many others to take on the task of fundraising for RAFT through the marathon, and even some in our own office.
Anita Mohan, a Surgical Research Fellow at RAFT will also be taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 to raise money for RAFT.

As a Plastic Surgery Trainee and current PhD student at Cambridge, RAFT has provided me the stepping stones of what I hop will be a successful academic career. They have provided me the support in order for me to pursue a higher degree and pursue research in the field, and to allow me to be able to collaborate and work at international academic centres of excellence and with top surgeons in the field. I owe a lot to RAFT for believing in me and supporting my research and collaborations, and they have helped open the doors to what I hope will be a strong academic career in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. Running the London Marathon was on the “things to train for” – it’s an opportunity to help support RAFT who have supported me! – Anita Mohan, RAFT Surgical Research Fellow

Anita has been with RAFT since 2013 and her primary research focus is in DIEP breast reconstruction following mastectomy to increase predictability of tissue transfer, reliable flap design and flap harvest being carried out at the Mayo Clinic.
We’re happy to say that we have a full running team for the 2016 London marathon.
We would like to thank all 13 runners who decided to support our Charity and run theVirgin Money Giving London Marathon.
Frederick Arendt, Harriet Batambuze, Charlie Brown, Matthew Brown, Joe Cherrington, Chris Duncan, Robert Jenkins, Essay Kidane, Daniel Kirrage, Rory Knight, Louie Markey, Anita Mohan and Kristian Smith.
If you would like to support any of our runners, please access the event page here.