RAFT's Marathon Team Complete!

London Marathon, 2012GO RAFT GO!
RAFT is happy to announce that we have a full running team for this year’s London marathon!
We would like to thank all 12 runners who decided to support our Charity and run the Virgin London Marathon. Every year, approximately 30,000 runners take part to raise money for their chosen charities and it’s great that this year RAFT has such a strong team. On the 26th of April 2015 they will run 26.2 miles through the streets of London. It is a huge challenge and we are proud to be surrounded with such wonderful people who are willing to help us raise money for our work. One of our areas of work that will benefit from the money raised will be our Breast Reconstruction programme.
There has always been significant support for Breast cancer research which is how it should be. Raft however is focussing on post cancer support after a mastectomy by carrying our research into better techniques for breast reconstruction as there are currently many issues which result in multiple operations and poor results. You can read more about our Breast Reconstruction project.
Help our runners
Please meet our runnning team and help them to fundraise by donating:
1. Matt Anderson
2. Abigail Bailey
3. Zoe Whittaker
4. Tracey Smythe
5. Kirsty Flynn
6. Anne-Marie Houston
7. Daisy Casement
8. Tim Cutbill
9. Tunde Ogungbayi
10. Pamela Baxter
11. Luke Thompson
12. Joe Gregory