Baldwin Boxall are raising funds for RAFT!

baldwin-boxallRaising Funds for RAFT at Firex 2014, 17-19th June
Visitors to Baldwin Boxall’s stand at this year’s Firex International (Q300) will be offered the opportunity to make a donation to RAFT – in return for a glass of fine Harvey’s Real Ale.
Baldwin Boxall will be requesting donations – large or small – from visitors who join them for a refreshing beer or soft drink on their stand, The Plug & Socket. Sitting in the centre of the ‘barn’ extension will be, possibly, the UKs most traditional pub game – a Bar Billiards table. Visitors will be invited to use this as often as they like throughout the show, with the hope that each game will result in a donation for RAFT.
RAFT is a charity close to Baldwin Boxall’s heart.
Charity Drinks Event – 5.00pm to 6.30pm – Wednesday
On the Wednesday evening the company will be asking visitors to raise even more funds during the extended opening time for this day. Baldwin Boxall hopes that you will be able to join them on stand Q300 to have some fun, whilst raising as much money as possible for RAFT.