Figure flattering dresses with a donation to RAFT!

michaela-jedinakmichaela-jedinak-2In support of our November Extravaganza dress designer Michaela a personal stylist and founder of leading personal style site Joy of Clothes is designing a special dress for RAFT which will feature a purple silk lining and trim. She is also offering you all a special discount for the month of May on her existing dress collection.
Michaela is passionate about creating dresses that make you look your best and feel great. Michaela designs dresses with you and your body shape in mind. Unlike many designers she offers a choice of styles and cuts to suit every body type. It is more like personal tailoring but without the price tag.
* Figure flattering dresses with immaculate tailoring for fit
* A choice of styles to suit every body shape
* Italian fabrics for comfort and fit
* Powerful colours in practical, stylish and timeless designs
* Investment dresses to cherish for years
* Made for you in Britain
Check out her collection here and use the following code mjraftmay14 at the checkout to gain 5% DISCOUNT FOR YOU AND 10% OF PRICE DONATED TO RAFT and WWTW!!