RAFTs partnerships with The Oil Council

the-oil-councilThe Oil Council and RAFT are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership.
Eight days prior to RAFT’s birth was a day that will be unfortunately always remembered by those in the oil and gas industry. The Piper-Alpha catastrophe took place in the North Sea and 167 good men lost their lives on the platform during a series of explosions.
From the day RAFT was founded to find better treatments for burn victims, there have been strong ties with the oil and gas industry. The majority of the pioneering work that RAFT has done in burns research has been funded by corporate and individual supporters of RAFT in the sector. These links continue to today with key industry people serving as Trustees on the current board of RAFT (Francis Gugen, Sam Laidlaw, Rob Pinchbeck) or supporting RAFT.
RAFT is different in that not only finds innovative solutions to real problems but it also delivers them. Like the global oil industry, RAFT taps into global expertise whilst working locally to deliver results. Already its innovative products and techniques are helping to heal millions of people around the world today.
Building on that track record of delivering working solutions to real people, RAFT applies that same philosophy of innovation across all of its work, and its entrepreneurial spirit is just one of the reasons which make RAFT the perfect charity partner for The Oil Council.
The Oil Council is the world’s largest network of oil and gas executives, whose Members and Partners represent some of the world’s most active qualified investors and oil & gas executives. Because of the international make-up and vast experience of its Membership, the network is active across the whole sector in every major production region and frontier market.
Working together, RAFT and the Oil Council will continue changing lives. They look forward to sharing the expertise, knowledge, and resources that will progress the aims of each organisation.
As part of the strategic partnership, events are planned throughout 2014-15, and coming up in the next few months are the RAFT Clay Pigeon Shoot on Weds 11 June, and the Oil Council’s Golf Day on Tues 1 July.