Tribute to Professor Harry Navsaria

professor-harry-navsariaIt is of great sadness to hear of Professor Harry Navsaria’s passing. He was a Professor of Tissue Engineering at the Centre for Cutaneous Research at the Blizzard Institute of Queen Mary University of London, was originally a member of the team at the Royal London Hospital working with Professor Irene Leigh in the dermatology field.
RAFT science started when the first surgical research fellows – Simon Myers, Nigel Carver, Loshan Kangesu among others – started doing science funded by RAFT in the laboratories at the Royal London Hospital. It is from this early collaboration that scientists such as Dr Claire Linge and Dr Jorg Kupsch (both former group leaders at RAFT) were identified as both Dr Linge and Dr Kupsch were post-doctoral scientists in Professor Leigh’s lab. Professor Navsaria was always a supporter of the work carried out by RAFT. His contribution to the fields of dermatology and wound healing is invaluable.
He will be a sad loss.