Our Brighton Half Marathon Runner Andrew Speaks Out :)

brighton-runnersWe asked our Brighton Half Marathon runners to share their experience of running for RAFT and this message from Andrew might just entice you to run for us in the future..
Running the Brighton Half Marathon on behalf of RAFT allowed me to kill two birds with one stone: addressing the early warnings signs for a midlife crisis as I navigate through my 50thyear and doing some good for a seriously worthwhile course. As an accountant who has spent the last 20 years or so working for SME’s fighting for financial survival, I am very aware of how tough it is for pioneering medical research charities to keep their heads above water (more about water to come), particularly in modern times. This is especially the case for charities like RAFT who rely on the generosity and goodwill of us fortunate ones.
Getting an old frame into the right condition for a 13 mile plus run along Brighton Promenade on a February morning was something of a challenge. The 3 month training plan did not account for the incessant wind and rain and boggy conditions that was/is the winter of 2013/14. Fortunately we got a beautiful sunny morning for the race. Without doubt, sharing the experience, and the fundraising, with 3 old friends was key. Although we didn’t train together or even run together on the day, it was inspiring and ultimately rewarding to be and feel part of a team, making it impossible to pull out, as tempting as that option seemed on many (wet) occasions. Between us we have managed to raise nearly£3,500 for RAFT, putting the gloss on a memorable experience.
I’m not sure the body is ready for another physical challenge just yet. We’ll see…