Our Brighton Runners Smashed It!

brighton-runnersWe were delighted to have a team of four take part in this year’s Brighton ½ Marathon which took place on Sunday. Andrew King, Enrico D’Angelo, Nick Jamieson and Jeremy Smart did amazing jobs as fundraisers and runners, raising over £3,000 to date with donations still coming in, and completing the event in a collective time of 8hrs 27mins and 40seconds. Huge thanks to the team for all their support to RAFT, it is greatly appreciated and we look forward to planning your next venture with you
A message from Nick:
“I really enjoyed the day. The best things were sharing it with the other three, and us raising what I think we ill be over £3,000 for RAFT!
My only disappointment was that I burned out completely after 10 miles and was able to do nothing but put one foot in front of the other at walking pace for the last three miles, with everyone overtaking me! It would be nice to get to the last stretch and feel invigorated rather than be able to do no more than just stagger! Maybe there will be another time!!!”