Congratulations Dr Nazanin Owji

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the new Dr Nazanin Owji for passing her PhD viva!
Nazanin carried out her PhD on the development of degradable inks for 3D printing of implants for craniofacial surgery, a collaboration between UCL (Eastman Dental Institute) and RAFT.
This new inks are developed specifically for #3Dprinting and used to create a custom-fit facial #implant. Digital models will be created from X-rays and CT scans, which will be used to develop bespoke 3D biological implants strong enough for use in facial reconstruction procedures.
Once fitted, the implant will create a scaffold which will encourage the patient’s own #bone to grow to the required shape and size within the body. The scaffold itself will be biodegradable, meaning that, as the bone grows, the scaffold will gradually be absorbed into the patient’s body leaving the new healthy bone behind.