RAFT presents in Cardiff

raft-presents-in-cardiffConferences play a major role in the development of a scientist’s career, writes Vaibhav Sharma, RAFT researcher and UCL PhD student.
They might sound tedious and boring but at the end of the day their importance cannot be denied. I was fortunate enough to attend the Tissue & Cell Engineering Society (TCES) 2013 conference at Cardiff during 23-24 July.
With the sun beating down as never before in this part of the world, I was all geared up with my poster and my RAFT colleague Dr Elena Garcia. We arrived at Cardiff Central.
This was a specialized conference in the field of Tissue engineering, with the major area of discussion been around regeneration of wounds (skin, cornea, bone) using different scaffolds, biomaterials, cells, stem cells, polymers and other materials which have the potential to aid heal wounds.
To this vast pool of knowledge, I did my contribution by presenting a poster on Silicone backing work (for protein based biomaterials) which I have been working for a year now.
Apart from the knowledge transfer, I also got to meet lot of fellow students from all round the world working in different areas of research and managed to speak to different collaborators which would benefit RAFT with new collaborations and scientific projects.
All in all, it was a great experience been a part of the TCES 2013 conference. Lastly thanks to RAFT to allow me this opportunity to be their ambassador at TCES.