What We Do

What We Do

RAFT – a medical research charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults that have suffered physical trauma.


At RAFT we have our own research programmes that are guided by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee. That means that any research we carry out is undertaken by our own scientists and researchers, free from the influence of any multinational entities. Our Scientists work independently and hand in hand with some of the leading medical institutions around the world. These include UCL, Royal Free London and the Mayo clinic in the USA. The work we do is community based and patient focused. Our organisation is part of the communities that we work within and in the wider community as well.

We also run our own Surgical Research Fellowship Programme: over a two or three year period, RAFT Surgical Research Fellows undertake a combination of scientific and clinical training carried out under supervision. This training forms the basis of theses for an MD (Medical Doctorate) or PhD providing the next generation scientists. At the heart of everything we do is a focus on what patients need and with that in mind we aim to deliver benefits to the people who most need them in the shortest possible time. These efforts grow from our basis in the community, the grass roots of our mission.


Research today; treatment tomorrow

As a medical research charity, it is vital that our work makes a difference. When we decide to launch a new programme of research, we start with a specific patient need that is within our area of expertise. Next we will evaluate any existing solutions and other research projects and the likely end benefit to patients they might offer. After evaluating al the information, this we look for an area where RAFT can make a tangible difference. Finally look at how we can take the project forward.

A major and the most essential starting point of our research is our direct dialogue with patients and caregivers. This is vital in helping us steer our efforts in the right direction and to allow us to focus on result oriented research in areas that really need to be advanced. We never lose sight of the fact that the community and the people within in it is where it all begins.

Our current research projects include:




How RAFT medical research charity is funded:

RAFT receives no Government funding and relies on donations and grants from individuals, grant-making trusts and companies. Our research programmes are supported by generous donors who share our vision and believe in our potential.

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